• The Allure of Gold Color: How a Same Karat Jewelry Differs in Hue

    Discover how gold rings jewelry, with the same karat value, varies in color. Explore yellow, white, and rose gold, each influenced by alloys and karats. Learn about green gold's rarity and factors like alloy types, karat purity, plating, and wear that affect the color. Choose a gold palette that reflects your style and personality. Gold jewelry isn't just a piece; it's a unique expression.
  • Philippine Gold, Saudi Gold, Thai Gold, Japan Gold, Chinese Gold, Italian Gold Is it Pawnable?

    In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of handcrafted jewelry and its pawnability, particularly concerning different types of gold, including Philippine Gold, Saudi Gold, Thai Gold, Japan Gold, Chinese Gold, and Italian Gold. While each type has its unique allure, when pawning jewelry, what truly matters are the gold's purity and weight. The origin of gold, though culturally significant, takes a back seat in the pawnshop evaluation process. As artisans, we understand the sentimental and artistic value of these pieces, but in the pawnshop, it's the intrinsic value of the precious metal that counts. Multiple appraisals are recommended to ensure you receive the best value for your cherished handcrafted jewelry.
  • How wide should my ring be?

    Ordering a ring without fitting the various widths and thicknesses initially can at times be tricky. This post is here to assist you in making sens...