These collection of engagement and wedding rings are all available on hand you can buy it off the shelves. Or have it resize (up to a limited size only) and engraved as stated in its description, Once bought it will be remove from the collection. Prices doesn't applies to other items sold in this site. All posted item is already on sale, no more last price questions please.
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  • Illusion Diamond Ring
  • Pear Shape Ring
  • Heart and Diamonds Sale Earrings
  • Aalia Moissanite Ring
  • Katherine Moissanite Ring
  • Lotus Sale Earrings
  • Butterfly Sale Earrings
  • Olive Heart Sale Earrings
  • Five Cross Sale Necklace
  • Butterfly Sale Earrings
  • Engagement Ring 4yg
  • Engagement Ring RGJP