Do you have a shop?

✅ Our addresses:
Vias Handcrafted Shop Hours
Quezon City Branch
Unit 419 Vinia Residences
Edsa Quezon City infront of Trinoma
Open Everyday (we accept walkin
Close on Sunday
Contact person:
Gineb 09914384908
For landmark purposes we are two bldg away from mrt north avenue station(south bound)
Kindly bring valid govt id for bldg security..
Due to limited space we allow up to 3persons max number.
Alabang Branch
Unit 809 Page One Acacia Ave Madrigal Business Park Alabang
Muntinlupa City
Open Everyday 10am-5pm
Close on Sunday
Contact person:
Alma 09695352848
Analyn 09478317963

Do you COD( Cash on Delivery) ?

✅Yes, we offer COD.

What kind of gold?

✅If you mean Saudi or Italy, all our rings are made to order so it means our gold is pure converted to 14k or 18k. And contrary to what Filipino think, gold are the same everywhere its quality is base on karat not its origin.


What sizes are available?

✅All sizes are available upon request. Kindly talk to us before you order so you can be assured that the size/s you order matched the specification.

How thick?

✅Thickness will depend on ur ring sizes. The bigger the ring sizes the thinner the rings.  talk to us before you order so you can be assured that the size/s you order matched the specification.

Is it real gold?

✅Since all our rings are made to order we can customize the material according to your preference and budget. Rest assured that when you order a 14k or 18k we will deliver. Otherwise our full money back guarantee policy applies.

How can we know the ring sizes?

Option 1. Ask any jewelry shop for your sizes.
Option 2. Schedule a meet up at our shop at Vinia Residence so we can get your sizes.
Oprion 3. Get a strip of paper wrap it around ur finger and give us its cm.

How much additional for other gold color?

- No additional fee for gold color request. Except for black gold (additional 2000 per ring)


✅ free hand engrave, free one time resize (1u.s. size bigger or smaller), free repair and free ring box

Do you do shipping?

✅Yes. both local and international.

How much shipping fee? 

✅Depends on your address. will be computed upon checkout

How to order?

1. Fill up order form
2.  Pay downpayment of 20% of the total amount.. Production will be 7-10 business days during off peak seasons and 10-15days on our busy months. Downpayment of 20%will be forfeited if in case you cancel your order.
3. I will tx/call to arrange meet up/pick up schedule.
4. Full payment upon meet up/pick up


  1. Order cancellation is allowed anytime, due to change of client’s mind and/or client’s error/s in detail/s of client’s order. However , initial down payment shall be deemed forfeited.
  2. Order cancellation is allowed anytime, if the ordered item/s is not in the process of production, within ten(10) working days, after initial down payment has been paid. Full refund is allowed

Free Engrave?

Handcrafted Engravement is free. Laser engrave option is upon special request and not free of charge. 

Do you Offer GIA certified Diamonds?

Posted price are for non GIA diamonds, but yes we offer GIA certified diamonds. Kindly message us what carat and grade do you require so we can quote it for you.

GIA vs Non Certified Diamonds?

◇GIA diamonds are diamonds that have been evaluated by an independent certifying agency, and they’re accompanied by a unique identification number and certificate.
◇GIA certified diamonds are laser inscribed with the ID number
◇Non-certified diamonds have not been evaluated by an independent certifying agency, and as a retailer we can only speculate as to the diamond’s quality.
◇ We can only share our best guess about a non certified diamond clarity, color, and cut.
◇Certified diamonds aren’t inherently better than non-certified diamonds, but they tend to be higher-quality stones because you can choose them for their documented quality.

GIA Certification on Small Diamonds?

◇For small stones (.20carat down) or accent stones, we offer non-certified diamond.
◇For smaller diamonds, it is difficult or near impossible to view quality characteristics with the naked eye.
◇However, authenticity card will be included upon purchase to certify that you are buying a natural diamond. With a full money back guarrantee if proven otherwise.