How wide should my ring be?

Ordering a ring without fitting the various widths and thicknesses initially can at times be tricky. This post is here to assist you in making sense of the measurements that fit for you. To start with, it's helpful to know the terms that jeweller use in referring to the various parts of a ring. The picture above shows diverse ring widths, and beneath is a chart representing the various measurements.

So how wide and thick should your ring be? All things considered, no one but you can respond to that question, here are some factors to guide you.

Width (Wide vs Narrow) 

Wider bands are less comfortable than narrow bands and can be harder to take on and off. Wider bands also fit tighter, so you will often have to size up for a wider band. If you have bigger knuckles than your fingers, a narrower band (4mm and under) is going to fit better because you won't have to size up as much. But something to note with a bigger knuckle is that you'll want the band to be as tight as possible going over the knuckle, but that it will probably still feel a little loose once it's on.

There is no right or wrong width for your wedding band even if you are pairing it with a band or engagement ring. You do want to consider the total width of all the rings stacked together and how wide you'd like the total to be. Most commonly, people will match the width of their wedding band to that of the engagement ring, but mixing widths can create a unique look. Stylistically I think it looks best to either go with something that is about the same in width or so that the wider band is at least twice the width as the narrower band.



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